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Phased return to school confirmed by Dept of Education

The Department of Education have confirmed a return of in-school teaching and learning for 6th Year Students commencing Monday, 1 March 2021.

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Building on the return to school in recent weeks of children in special schools and in special classes at primary and post-primary level, the Government has decided on a phased return of students to in-school education.


These further phases have been developed in close collaboration with education stakeholders and follow ongoing engagement with the Department of Health and Public Health, HSE.


The Department of Health and the HSE have reaffirmed that schools in themselves are low risk environments and that a gradual phased reopening can occur at this time. Public health has reviewed the measures put in place to ensure safe operation of schools and is satisfied that these infection prevention and control measures, if rigorously adhered to, will keep the school community safe during this period. They emphasise that all measures must be followed carefully by students, staff and parents.


There will be a period of time between each phase to assess the impact of reopening on aspects of community transmission.

On Monday 1 March the first four class groups at primary level – junior and senior infants, first and second class – and final year Leaving Certificate students will return to in-school provision. This phase will also see a return to full attendance for children in special schools, as well as children in early start pre-school classes and early intervention special classes for children with autism or hearing impairment.


Monday 15 March is the target date for the return to in-school provision of the rest of primary school children – third to sixth class, and fifth year Leaving Certificate students. This date will be reviewed during the period following 1 March.


Monday 12 April, following the Easter break is the target date for the return to in-school education of the rest of post-primary students – first to fourth year students.


Remote teaching and learning provision for students in each category will cease once in-school provision commences for each group of students.




LATEST TRAVEL ADVICE - CLICK HERE - Its is essential to follow all PUBLIC HEALTH & DFA Guidelines in relation to travel restrictions and isolation following international travel.




We look forward to welcoming back our LCC 6th Year students as per timetable from 8.30a.m on Monday 1st March.

The 6th Year Care Team will be in contact with students and parents in the coming days with further information. 

2020 Parents Council AGM

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This is a reminder that the AGM of the Parents Council will take place via Zoom on Tuesday November 24th at 7:30pm.

Join via Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID: 218 476 8153 Passcode: R6tDHx

Please click here for the agenda and the minutes of the 2019 AGM.

For further clarification on any of the above, feel free to contact me by email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or join our Facebook group “Luttrellstown Community College (LCC) Parents Council Group”

LOCALISE - Social Initiative from our TY and 2nd Year Students

Our Transition Year Students and a 2nd year class met with LOCALISE today in order to get started with their virtual social projects to make a real difference in their communities . This year they aim to link with at least two of thirteen nursing homes in the Dublin 15 area.

The students plan to host some quizzes, perform a talent show and send personalised cards to all of the residents in the nursing homes.
We hope to also link with Connelly hospital and provide cards with well-wishes and gifts to the wonderful staff of the health ward units.

The project will start after midterm break and there will be a jam packed four weeks of preparation before delivering to the residents at the end of November start of December.

Many thanks to coordinator Oide Jane Barry and to all of the students involved with this fantastic work.

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