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The Luttrellstown Community College Student Council has been a fundamental element in raising the issues of the students to the school authority as well as the Board Of Management (BOM). The council plays a crucial role in being the voice and representatives of the student body. The committee comprises of two students from each tutor class giving a total of 44 students representing 22 tutor classes from across the Junior & Senior Cycles incl. Transition Years.

The aim of the council is to be a voice for the students, raising any issues worth noting to the school authorities, listening to the needs of their peers in a clear cut and comprehensive manner.

The student council members are elected upon the beginning of the new school year and are elected to the council by their classmates in their tutor class by majority vote.

The student council within itself comprises of separate teams to tackle certain issues which may be raised during council meetings such as fundraising, IT, treasury, communications etc. In addition to this, the council also has 4 primary personnel who are responsible of leading the council in a fair and just manner. These roles are Student Council President (formerly known as “chairperson”), Vice President (formerly “Vice Chairperson”), Secretary and Treasurer. The President along with his/her deputy are responsible for leading the council, chairing meetings, establishing topics for further discussion in the council and to communicate any ideas from the council to Príomhoide and Príomhoide Tánaisteach. For any further queries to do with the council, do not hesitate to contact the student council members or the Student Council Coordinator, Oide Nic Thomáis.

Student Council Roles

   President Of Council            Vice President                     Secretary                             Treasurer

      Carl Aldahchan                        Ela Guri                        Phillip Simango                         Cian Airoldi

Student Council meetings take place every Wednesday between 3pm and 4pm. Meetings are chaired by the council President and Vice Presidents, Carl and Ela. If neither are present meetings are led by the secretary, Phillip. Cian, the Treasurer is responsible for the management of the council’s finances and other expenditures.

Upcoming Events & Important Notices

  • The council leaders are in talks with Príomhoide and the Príomhoide Tánaisteach regarding the bringing back of the ‘Hot Drinks Machine’ much desired by students throughout the years. We are working as hard as we can to get the machine back for the students (set to be placed near to the vending machine)

  • The addition of new extra curricular activities has been much talked about by council members. Carl, the council president, has raised the idea of new sports such as MMA, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu and more to the school authorities.

If you have any major queries, please contact us on the student council email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask your student council representative.

Please observe our council notice board opposite the metalwork room for weekly updates.

Detention Policy 2015-16   

Non-compliance relating to the following school rules will result in a student being placed on detention:

  • Behaviour
  • Punctuality
  • Misuse of ipad
  • Uniform
  • Any other serious breach of school rules

  • Homework issues and no equipment will no longer be dealt with in the after school detention. The subject teacher as one of many classroom management strategies may detain the student at lunch time or detain a student after school if they have reached an agreement with the parents. This is to be recorded in the journal.

  • If a student is on detention for a third time, the Caomhnóir is to be informed and the parents will be contacted. The student will be placed on a full day internal suspension instead of being detained. 

  • If a student has missed two or more detentions the Caomhnóir is to be informed. A meeting will be arranged with the parents and the student will be given one more chance to do their detention. If the student fails to do the detention on this occasion the parents will be contacted and this will lead to an external suspension.