At the end of each term LCC celebrates our student’s achievements and success at the Merit Award Ceremony. The merit system is based on our philosophy that good work, attitude, behaviour and effort should be recognised and rewarded. Príomhoide Ní Chaisil presents certificates, vouchers and prizes to students who receive awards for their positive contribution in all school activities.

Students have the opportunity to receive recognition through the following awards:

*Merit awards

The merit awards are separate from awards for academic achievements. Each week students work very hard to achieve as many points as they can in their journals for their involvement in class, efforts in homework, extracurricular activities and good behaviour. At the end of each term Príomhoide Ní Chaisil presents this award to the students who achieve the most points in their journals.

*Teacher nominated awards

Teachers nominate students for their school spirit, participation in class, helping other students, extra-curricular activities, kindness and much more.

*Tutor awards

Each tutor selects a boy and girl from each class for their excellent attendance, punctuality and class leadership.

*Gradhaim Lotrial

A special school award for any student showing the true spirit of our vision Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Participation.

*Subject awards

Students receive recognition for their outstanding grades and effort in specific subjects

*Sports awards

Students and sports teams receive recognition for their positive contribution, participation and success in a range of sporting activities.

Some photographs from the Music and Merit Evening December 2015.