LCC Transition Year Programme

Transition Year Programme at Luttrellstown Community College

What is Transition Year?

       Transition Year is a one year school based programme between Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle.

       It is designed to facilitate a smooth transition from the more dependent learning of the Junior Certificate to the more independent self-directed learning required for the Senior Cycle.

       It is a year suited to students who want to develop and enhance their skills set.

The mission of Transition Year

The mission of Transition Year is to promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of the students and to prepare them to participate as responsible members of society.

Aims of Transition Year

       Education for maturity including and emphasis on social awareness

       Promotion of academic, technological and practical skill

       Education through personal experience of adult and working life.

During Transition Year students will focus on the following:

Core Subjects




       European Language(French/Spanish/German)

Option Subjects









       Home Economics


       Physical Education

Transition Year specific modules.

    Design and Communication Graphics



    Young Social Innovator

    Technology & WDWK

    Communications/Life skills

    Film Studies






Cost of Transition Year Programme

       The Transition Year programme cost is €350

Included in this cost is:

       Induction Trip

       Bus Costs for various school outings

       Cost of TY specific modules e.g. Photography

       Universal School Contribution

       Classroom materials

       Subsidising the Gaisce Trip

Transition Year Enrollment and Application Process.

Transition Year Programme Luttrellstown CC is optional and it will be offered first to students in LCC. Transition Year may be offered to candidates who have not attended LCC however priority will be given to LCC students. Places will be filled by application and interview. Current students are not entitled to automatic enrolment into Transition Year.

For the 2019 – 2020 academic year there will be 66 places available for students, this number will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

Students wishing to apply for Transition Year will be asked to complete an application form and may be asked to attend for interview.

The criteria to be used for placement are as follows;

1. Previous engagement in school activities (Application to curricular and extra-curricular activities).

2. Attendance and punctuality.

3. Proven track record to work independently and in teams (Compliance with school Code of Positive Behaviour and work ethic).

Students will be assessed in accordance with the above criteria to ascertain suitability for the Transition Year Programme.