Detention Policy


Non-compliance relating to the following school rules will result in a student being placed on detention:

  • Behaviour
  • Punctuality
  • Misuse of ipad
  • Uniform
  • Any other serious breach of school rules

  • Homework issues and no equipment will no longer be dealt with in the after school detention. The subject teacher as one of many classroom management strategies may detain the student at lunch time or detain a student after school if they have reached an agreement with the parents. This is to be recorded in the journal.

  • If a student is on detention for a third time, the Caomhnóir is to be informed and the parents will be contacted. The student will be placed on a full day internal suspension instead of being detained. 

  • If a student has missed two or more detentions the Caomhnóir is to be informed. A meeting will be arranged with the parents and the student will be given one more chance to do their detention. If the student fails to do the detention on this occasion the parents will be contacted and this will lead to an external suspension.