iPad Acceptable Use Policy for Parents and Students in Luttrellstown C.C.

Users Responsibilities

  • iPads will be setup with passcodes by ‘Wriggle’. This passcode must not be revealed to other students. Parents and students are required to save passwords in locations accessible only to them e.g. school journal, home calendar. 
  • Students are not permitted to change passcodes without permission from their tutor.
  • Users must use protective covers/cases for their iPads. A school sanction will apply if students to not have protective cases on their iPads. We recommend the ‘Survivor Griffin’ case or heavy duty equivalent.
  • The iPad screen is made of glass and therefore is subject to cracking and breaking if misused: Never drop or place heavy objects (books, laptops, etc.) on top of the iPad.
  • Only a soft cloth or approved laptop screen cleaning solution is to be used to clean the iPad screen.
  • The iPad should not be exposed to extreme hot or cold temperature conditions.
  • Do not store or leave unattended in vehicles.
  • Users may not photograph/video any other person. LCC follows an ‘ON Desk’ policy in the classroom. The photograph/video/record functions can only be used with a teacher’s instruction and while being supervised by the teacher.
  • The iPad will be subject to routine monitoring by staff in LCC.
Devices must be surrendered immediately upon request by any member of LCC staff including those who supervise after school study and extra-curricular activities.

  • Users in breach of the Acceptable Use Policy may be subject to but not limited to; disciplinary action, confiscation, removal of content or referral to external agencies in the event of illegal activity.
  • LCC is not responsible for financial or other losses if any personal files are deleted from an iPad.
Additional Responsibilities for Students

  • If an iPad is left at home or is not charged, the user remains responsible for completing all schoolwork as if they had use of their iPad. Normal school rules apply.
  • Malfunctions or technical issues are not acceptable excuses for failing to complete school work, unless there is no other means of completion.
  • Students must not use their iPad in school corridors, on their journeys to and from school or outside of school buildings (unless with the teacher’s permission and under teacher supervision).
  • Students may not use their iPads between class lessons. Teachers will give instruction to close iPad cover and place on desk after lesson has finished. The iPad must remain on desk and cover must remain closed until instructed by teacher who will be responsible for the next lesson.
  • Students are not permitted to use their iPads at break-times. iPads are required to be stored in student lockers at these times.
  • In the event of any disciplinary action (e.g. confiscation), the completion of all class work remains the responsibility of the pupil.
Parental Responsibilities at home

  • We ask parents to monitor their children’s use of their iPad while at home. Please be sure to have a copy of the passcode. 
  • We advise parents to take due diligence in relation to student internet access and use of camera & video.
  • We advise parents to regularly monitor internet history on their child’s iPad device
  • Ensure only that the ‘Apple ID’ provided by Wriggle on deployment day is the only ID installed on the iPad. Any other Apple ID is prohibited.
Safeguarding and Maintaining as an Academic Tool

  • iPad batteries are required to be fully charged every morning and be ready to use in school.
  • Items deleted from the iPad cannot be recovered.
  • Memory space is limited. Academic content takes precedence over personal files and apps. Tutors will advise and approve any personal apps requested by students. This will be monitored by the First Year Care Team.
  • The whereabouts of the iPad should be known to the owner at all times.
  • It is a user’s responsibility to keep their iPad safe and secure.
  • iPads belonging to other users are not to be tampered with in any manner. Sanctions will apply if this happens.
  • If an iPad is found unattended, it should be given to the nearest member of staff or brought to the office
  • Any decision relating to the management and use of iPads will be made by designated staff member in consultation where necessary with Príomhoide.

Using the iPad in Class

Use of an iPad in class requires students to observe the important points outlined below;

  • Students are subject to individual teacher classroom management rules and should follow all instructions of their teacher in class.
  • Students are not allowed to use any app which is unrelated to class work during class.
  • Teachers have the authority to view the most recently used apps on a student's iPad, without any objection from them.
  • Students are prohibited from deleting internet history unless given specific instruction by class teacher.
  • Students should ensure that their eBooks are installed and working properly. Any issues or faults with eBooks should be reported to initially to class tutor.
  • Usernames and passwords for eBooks should be retained in ‘notes’ application (app) of each pupil's iPad.
  • Students should take care not to leave their device on table edges or in any position where damage may occur.
  • Students should not reveal passcodes to anyone else.

Lost, Damaged or stolen iPad device

  • If the iPad is lost, stolen, or damaged, the class tutor should be notified immediately. iPads that are believed to be stolen may be tracked through Wriggle.
  • ‘Find my iPad’ app should be turned on at all times. This is student/parent responsibility.
  • iPad insurance (if required) is responsibility of parent.

Prohibited Uses (not exclusive)

  • Accessing Inappropriate Materials – All material on the iPad must adhere to the ICT Responsible Use Policy. Users are not allowed to send, access, upload, download or distribute offensive, threatening, pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit materials.
  • Any recording of a fellow pupil/s or staff is expressly forbidden unless under teacher direction and supervision.
  • Use of the school’s internet/e-mail accounts for financial or commercial gain or for any illegal activity is prohibited.
  • Users are not allowed to have music and install apps on their iPad which do not comply with copyright.
  • No apps can be downloaded without the consent of class teacher or tutor. Prior to downloading ALL apps need to pre-approved by class teacher/tutor. 
  • Downloading / accessing social media sites on iPad device is strictly prohibited. 
  • Use of Cameras/video and microphone in school is ONLY allowed under the direction and supervision of a teacher. Users must use good judgment when using the camera. The user agrees that the camera will not be used to take inappropriate, illicit or sexually explicit photographs or videos, nor will it be used to embarrass anyone in any way. Any use of camera in toilets or changing rooms, regardless of intent, will be treated as a serious violation.
  • Posting of images/movies on the Internet into a public forum is strictly forbidden, without the express permission of the teacher or in the case of staff use, the consent of a member of LCC’s senior management.
  • Any user caught trying to gain access to another user’s accounts, files or data will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Malicious Use/Vandalism – Any attempt to destroy hardware, software or data will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • ‘Jailbreaking’:  this is the process which removes any limitations placed on the iPad by Wriggle/School authority. Under no circumstances should the installed management software, operating system or network configurations (VPN etc..) be interfered with. 
  • If management software is removed from iPad device without permission from an LCC staff member a €40 fee will be charged to re-install the software. iPads are not permitted to be used in class or on school premises without management software installed.
  • Inappropriate media may not be used as a screensaver or background photo. Presence of pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drug or gang related symbols or pictures will result in disciplinary actions.
  • Students must delete any file/app/recording material from their device if instructed to do so by a member of LCC staff.
  • Individual users are responsible for the setting up and use of any home internet connections and no support will be provided for this by LCC.
  • Users should be aware of and abide by the guidelines set out by the School Acceptable User Policy (AUP) which is signed as part of enrolment as a student in LCC.
  • LCC reserves the right to confiscate and search an iPad to ensure compliance with this Responsible Use Policy

 Contract for Use of iPad at Luttrellstown C.C.           

Parent/Guardian must read and sign below:                                          

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the terms of the Luttrellstown Community College iPad Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Parent Name: ________________   Signature: ________________________ 

Date: _____________________

Parents/Students please confirm the key points (student contract) of iPad Acceptable Use Policy outlined below:

Student Contract for iPad Use

1. I will take good care of my iPad.

2. I will never leave the iPad unattended.

3. I will never lend my iPad to others.

4. I will know where my iPad is at all times.

5. I will charge my iPad’s battery every night

6. I will keep food and drinks away from my iPad since they may cause damage to the device.

7. I will not disassemble any part of my iPad or attempt any repairs.

8. I will protect my iPad by keeping it in its protective case at all times.

9. I will use my iPad appropriately and will not download/access social media sites.

10. I understand that my iPad is subject to inspection at any time without notice.

11. I will keep my iPad in the lockers at break times and I will not use my iPad on the corridor or between classes.

12. I will only use the camera/video or the microphone under teacher instruction and supervision.

13. I will never share any images or movies of people in a public space on the Internet, unless I am asked to do so by my teacher.

14. I will adhere to iPad ‘On-desk’ policy (iPads are to be placed flat on desk during class lessons unless otherwise advised by class teacher)

15. I understand that the iPad is primarily an EDUCATIONAL tool. Therefore, I will only download apps  
  1. that have been pre-approved by class teacher/tutor 
  2. only with class teacher/tutor permission
16. I will not interfere with ‘Wriggle’ device management software, operating system, or any network settings.

17. I agree to abide by the iPad Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in its entirety.

Student Name: ________________     Signature: ________________________    

Date: ________________

Parent Name: ___________________ Signature: _________________________  

Date: _______________