Intercultural Policy


At Luttrellstown Community College our Intercultural Policy aims to develop an education system that fosters respect for cultural diversity and develop a school spirit of inclusion where all cultures are celebrated.   By promoting equality, embracing diversity and challenging discrimination we aim to cultivate an environment where all students can develop their unique and special talents as they strive for excellence.

Legal Framework

Luttrellstown Community College is developing its Intercultural Policy in accordance with current legislation.  The Education Act (1998) states that our education system must respect, "the diversity of values, beliefs, languages and traditions in Irish society".  The Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989), The Equal Status Act 2000/2004 legally obliges schools to provide for a diversity of needs, values and traditions.


In cultivating an inclusive school environment we must

  • Respect the rights and beliefs of others
  • Develop an awareness of cultural diversity
  • Promote a school spirit of inclusion
  • Value similarities and differences
  • Maintain a connection with all cultures and languages
  • Enable students to speak out on issues of prejudice and discrimination
  • Promote an intercultural approach within our curriculum
  • Facilitate professional development opportunities
  • Strive for educational excellence where the needs of all students directs learning


Curriculum Planning

Through curriculum planning and development Luttrellstown Community College will prioritise intercultural issues and in so doing we aim to equip our students with the relevant knowledge and skills to

  • Learn about customs and cultural practices of others
  • Know ones own rights and responsibilities and the rights and responsibilities of others
  • Be aware of prejudice, stereotyping and racism
  • Understand the importance of becoming responsible and active members of society
  • Learn to respect differences and foster equality in all aspects of life

Intercultural Events

Evidence of celebrating diversity must be evident in the physical environment of the school.  Student work such as projects, posters, art, poetry, essays and photography will be displayed in classrooms and on corridors.  Various intercultural events will be organised throughout the year to including:

  • Seachtain na Gaeilge - a celebration of Irish culture
  • Intercultural Week - a celebration of all cultures
  • Flag Week
  • International Foods Week
  • World History Week
  • World Music Week

English as an additional language - EAL

Our language support programme aims to promote an environment for newcomer students where they can be supported in developing an effective command of the English language.  EAL support teachers will work in collaboration with school personnel and parents to identify students requiring additional English support.  Students will be assessed using assessment materials and programmes will be designed according to the needs of the student.  Student progress will be monitored and recorded during the deliverance of the programme.  This programme will be delivered by withdrawing students from class to accommodate individual differences. Students are entitled to two years of language support; any decision to continue beyond this time will be made in collaboration with school personnel. By giving priority to language support we aim to help each student gain access to mainstream learning and acquire the language and skills necessary to socialise within the community.

Whole School Approach

An intercultural theme will permeate across all aspects of school life; it will be integrated across all subject areas and will be promoted through extra curricular activities including sporting events, art, drama and music.  In so doing we strive for excellence as we provide our students with an educational experience that will enable them to fulfil their full potential.