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The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) is an intervention designed to enhance the vocational dimension of the Leaving Certificate (established). The programme was introduced in 1994 in response to the challenge placed on Ireland’s education system by a changing work and business environment. The LCVP combines the academic strengths of the Leaving Certificate (established) with a focus on self–directed learning, innovation and enterprise. This two-year programme is part of an expanded provision that aims to cater for the diversity of participants’ needs at senior cycle.

Students study two LCVP Modules – Preparation for the World of Work & Enterprise Education – in addition to their traditional Leaving Certificate subjects. Students who follow the programme will have a minimum of one LCVP class per week.

Over the course of their two years in senior cycle, LCVP students will have to prepare a portfolio of work which will be a major part of their overall assessment. They will also be required to sit a written terminal examination – this will take place before the traditional Leaving Certificate written examinations in June.

Programme Requirements

Programme Requirements for students taking the Leaving Certificate Examination are:

  • At least five Leaving Certificate subjects plus the Link Modules, one of which must be Irish
  • Two of the above subjects must be selected from one of the designated Vocational Subject Groupings
  • Two Link Modules: Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education
  • A recognised course in a Modern European Language other than Irish or English

Vocational Subject Groupings (VSGs)

Two subjects are selected from one of the Vocational Subject Groupings. These subjects provide students with a focus for developing vocational skills and exploring their career options.

The Specialist Groupings consist of subjects which complement one another naturally. The Services Groupings comprise subjects which complement one another in a commercial context.

Specialist Groupings

  1. Construction Studies; Engineering; Design and Communication Graphics; Technology - Any Two
  2. Physics and Construction Studies or Engineering or Technology or Design & Communication Graphics
  3. Agricultural Science and Construction Studies or Engineering or Technology or DCG
  4. Agricultural Science and Chemistry or Physics or Physics/Chemistry 
  5. Home Economics; Agricultural Science; Biology - Any Two
  6. Home Economics and Art - Design Option or Craft Option
  7. Accounting; Business; Economics - Any two
  8. Physics and Chemistry
  9. Biology and Chemistry or Physics or Physics/Chemistry
  10. Biology and Agricultural Science
  11. Art - Design Option or Craft Option and Design & Communication Graphic

Services Groupings

  1. Engineering or Technology or Construction Studies or Design & Communication Graphics and Accounting or Business or Economics
  2. Home Economics and Accounting or Business or Economics
  3. Agricultural Science and Accounting or Business or Economics
  4. Art Design or Craftwork Option and Accounting or Business or Economics
  5. Music and Accounting or Business or Economics

The Link Modules

Students taking the Leaving Certificate Examination from 2004 onwards will follow two Link Modules over the course of the two years:

Link Module I – Preparation for the World of Work

Students will research and investigate local employment opportunities, develop job seeking skills such as letter writing, CV presentation, interview techniques; gain valuable practical experience of the world of work; interview and work shadow a person in a career area that interests them

Link Module II – Enterprise Education

Students will be involved in organising visits to local business and community enterprises; meet and interview enterprising people on site and in the classroom; plan and undertake interesting activities that will build self–confidence, creativity, initiative and develop teamwork, communication and computer skills.

Assessment of the Link Modules

LCVP students follow the same subject syllabi and are assessed in the same way as their peers in the Leaving Certificate. For the Link Modules they are assessed by Written Examination (40%) and by Portfolio of Coursework (60%). The written examination takes place in May of the Leaving Certificate Year. The examination is of two and a half hours duration and consists of three sections which are outline below.

The structure of the Written Examination is as follows:

Section A: Audio Visual Presentation
Section B: Case Study (received in advance by students)
Section C: General Questions (4 out of 6)

The Portfolio of Coursework accounts for 60% of total marks. Students assemble the portfolio over the two years of the programme and it is assessed at the end of the final year of the Leaving Certificate. The Portfolio and Written Examination are externally assessed by the Department of Education & Science.



  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Career Investigation
  • Enterprise/Action Plan
  • Summary Report 


  • Diary of Work Experience
  • Enterprise Report
  • Recorded Interview/Presentation
  • Report on My Own Place


LCVP students receive the same certificate as other Leaving Certificate students but their Certificate includes an additional statement of the results of the Link Modules.

Grades for the Link Modules are as follows:

Grade : Percent

  • Distinction : 80-100%
  • Merit : 65 - 79%
  • Pass : 50 - 64%

The Link Modules are recognised for points purposes by the Institutes of Technology and the Universities. The points are allocated as follows:

Grade : Universities and Institutes of Technology Award

  • Distinction : 70 points
  • Merit : 50 points
  • Pass : 30 points

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