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Letter to Parents from New Príomhoide: Siobhán Moran

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Fáiltiú ón bPríomhoide

Beir Bua a chairde scoile. Tá fáilte romhaibh go suíomh LCC. Tá go leor eolais anseo chun sibh a threorú maidir le himeachtaí na bliana. Bainigí sult as!

Luttrellstown Community College is a co-educational multi-belief second level school under the patronage of Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education Training Board. Our school is committed to providing the highest standard of education to meet the needs of our students through a holistic approach.

Mission Statement for Luttrellstown Community College       

We are united in our diversity to educate, integrate and facilitate excellence in the modern world for a better future.

Our Ethos

Our Community College is a second level school under the auspices of Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education Training Board. We, with our partners in education, are committed to being a caring, learning community where each person is valued and accorded respect and dignity. The staff aims to deliver a broad diverse curriculum in a calm, disciplined and safe environment in an atmosphere where all will be encouraged to become confident, responsible persons striving to reach their full potential.

Luttrellstown Community College welcomes applications for places from all students regardless of gender, race, academic ability or cultural background. We are a multi-belief college, which respects and values each individual person’s beliefs and this is embedded in our curriculum through an inclusive religious education program and faith celebration. Luttrellstown Community College does not provide faith formation instruction. We are committed to providing the highest standard of education suited to the needs of all our students.
We welcome diversity and embrace the values, cultures and traditions of all our pupils to the benefit of all. We strive to be an inclusive school.  We welcome diversity and practise equality giving due regard to differences that may occur due to ethnicity, special educational needs, disability, language/accent, traveller status, asylum-seeker/refugee status, religious/political beliefs and values, family or social circumstances.

From 2018 Luttrellstown Community College will provide education through Irish to students accepted into Coláiste Na Tulchann (An all-Irish unit within Luttrellstown Community College). The terms and protocols outlined in this document should be read in conjunction with the Admissions Policy for Coláiste Na Tulchann which would be a unit in the ‘Máthair Scoil’ (mother school) Luttrellstown Community College.  The Policy will reflect a recent Oireachtas Report on School Admissions (June 2017) which states ‘In terms of all-Irish post-primary schools, it was submitted that school authorities should have discretion to give priority to students who have previously been designated by an Irish-medium primary school as having Irish as a primary home language.’
We will welcome children from families whose language in the home is a third language but whose children have shown a great interest in learning Irish in primary school. 

From 2019 Luttrellstown Community College will also provide education for students with additional needs through a newly established Special Needs Unit.  CROÍ (this new unit within LCC) will accept students in liaison and with the advice of the NCSE (National Council for Special Education). The terms and protocols outlined in this document should be read in conjunction with the Admissions Policy for CROÍ which will be a unit in the ‘Máthair Scoil’ (mother school) Luttrellstown Community College. This Admissions Policy will be available on request from the college office from June 2018. 

Since 2014 LCC has made the journey towards embracing the developments that enhance teaching and Learning for students through the new Junior Cycle Programme. Wellbeing, Coding, Chinese and CBAs are now a part of school life in junior years.  From 2018 onwards LCC will start introducing new programmes for the Leaving certificate Curriculum starting with LC Computer Science but following with Politics and Society and LC PE when our PE Hall is complete. Exciting times are ahead and a dynamic teaching team to make them happen.

Ní neart go cur le chéile. Ar aghaidh linn!

Go n’éirí linn.

Fionnuala Ní Chaisil (Príomhoide Coláiste Pobail Baile Lotrail)


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